To Whom This May Concern:

I want to take this opportunity (a bit delayed, as I have been traveling) to thank ICI for a most rewarding learning experience while in Salvador, Bahia. I found all of the staff at your institute to be most professional, welcoming, patient, and ready to provide guidance and help when needed.

Since I made my first contact via email, and up to when taken to the airport, I felt I was with friends and this made my staying and learning more enjoyable. I hold special appreciation for its director Maria Lessa Midlej for its warm welcoming and great character, to my instructor, Profesora Sonia, always punctual and ready to engage in class activities, and in poignant conversations. I am also grateful to the two wonderful front assistants, Maiara and Julia. They were always in the best disposition to help with a smile. They took the time to show me around the neighborhood, to help me settle accordingly, and in answering many of the questions I had while in Salvador.

However, I really want to show mi upmost gratitude and appreciation to the one person I contacted informally when I first requested information from ICI’s site via email, the same person who was more than a fine representative of ICI throughout my stay. Mr. Arthur Adacto was always at the best disposition to resolve any problem or unexpected situation. When I showed concern about the host family I had, Arthur immediately offered what turned out to be a better housing alternative. He would inform me of cultural events taking place in Salvador on weekends, or would check on me frequently to be sure all was going well. On more than one occasion, Arthur took time to explain and indicate to others and me aspects about Brazilian culture you do not often learn about in texts or tourism resources. I want to recognize Arthur’s fine gesture to me as it was well above expectations.

It is for all these reasons that I thank all of you (including profesoras Suraia and Ana) for a most delightful experience while in Salvador. Most sincerely,

p.s. I would have written in Portuguese (my apologies) but I am in a rush, besides I have no access to all the Portuguese punctuation and I do not want to receive a low grade or, worst, that you rescind my Certificado –ha, ha, ha!

Spanish Teacher at Hannover College - 484 Ball Drive, Hanover, IN, 47243 - Indiana - United States of America

Eduardo Santa Cruz
May 24 th, 2018

I will thank the people of ICI for a lovely time.

8 weeks with a lot of laughts and learning. For me it's been an ultimate trip where i met a lot of friends at school and also the great teachers! I will miss you guys a lot!

Ida Lindberg (Swedish)
December 8th , 2017

Dear teacher Cristina,

You’re a wonderful teacher! I had a lot of teachers during my life, but i never had one who teachs so good as you. Thank you very much foi being pacient when i forgot the words. You contributed so much for my progress in portuguese!

Kisses and hugs,

Your student Anne.

Profession: Lufthansa airline flight attendant

Anne Ledig
September 22 th , 2017

Cara professora Christina,
Você é uma professora maravilhosa! Eu tive muitas professoras durante minha vida, mas nunca eu tive uma que explicasse tão bem como você! Muito obrigada por ser paciente quando esqueço as palavras. Você contribuiu muito para meu progresso em português!

Beijos e abraços,
Sua estudante Anne

Anne Ledig
September 22 th , 2017

I wish I could say that all I learned here was to speak Portuguese and study culture, but I can’t. I gained so much more from this facilitated place of love, experience, learning and teaching. I’m not sure if it was the daily encouragement of smiles and compassion before and after my classes or that as time went by I felt a transition of a student from the US to a friend being taught by her colleagues and supported by a network of friends encouraging a change and growth that they knew that I was deeply yearning for. I depart today with my life changed by this school and with a heavy heart as if I am leaving my family behind.
I brought my son to Bahia with me for cultural experience and to learn Portuguese as an outsider but over time I became part of this community and enhanced as a person. Before I arrived I compared three schools that I google searched. Idioma was the first to respond within 48 hours of my email. Each day I emailed and called the staff was professional, knowledge able of services and very prepared to help me feel secure about arriving here. I was so glad to see that driver waiting for us at the airport with our names and the school printed. My entire arrival was organized, precise and on time.
Arriving at the apartment with our hostess, we were welcomed as family and it remained that way our entire month long stay. She encouraged and assisted our Portuguese and treated us as if we were her long lost kin.
From day one, Portuguese with Maria Lessa Midlej was beyond words from a book. She taught me real life conversation and daily phrases needed to help me communicate with locals in Barra/Salvador. I smiled inside every day that I saw words or lessons from class out on the streets. Daily, Portuguese came to life in front of my eyes from the lessons I was being taught. I was frustrated for about two weeks and it finally came together for both of us. Kenyen would not speak at first, he’s 9. But one day he was playing with kids in the apartment and I heard him speak Portuguese for the first time. He fell in love with respect with his teacher Ana Flávia Navarro. Ana is amazing with children!!!She encouraged a confidence and gave Kenyen a sense of belonging that humbled and encouraged him to want to learn everything he could. Classes are arranged by level and we met students from all over the world from different countries including: France, England, Japan and Germany all with admirable stories and on their own journeys of why they were here.
Idioma offers great classes that allow you to explore capoeira, dance (old and new school) with Júlia Mendonça as an amazing ball of energy, passion, and love for her art. With her you’ll learn anything from the dance of the Orixás to Axé at Carnival. There is no end to her knowledge! Also offered are Percussão and Cooking classes. Being a capoerista and teacher, I was looking for more and Idioma facilitated that with amazing instructors we had in Pelourinho. Idioma guided my every move to want more all the way down to how to catch an Uber and ask questions with other modes of transportation. Suraia was my adventurer and encouraged me to get out and about and we discovered much with the excursions we went on together. Such a warm soul and spirit. Christina became my teacher my last week and is very specific and pushes you to be your best especially pronunciation and speaking a lot! But so does the whole school.
If you have a question Arthur knows someone and showed us the Boy Scouts in Salvador. Because of him I had a chance to see and appreciate Salvador and Bahia in a whole different light totally different from what my warnings were coming here.
Don’t come here with what you saw on TV, experience it when you get here.
Through our daily tea breaks and cups with our names to the all inclusive care I received throughout my studies here, I fell in love with Bahia. It’s not behind the times as you may think here either. In this community we walked to the mall where my son would ice skate and enjoyed as much of history that we could-one month didn’t scratch the surface.
Being at Idioma I discovered similarities in the history of my ancestry and here, gained a sense of confidence, and found that reason that eight months ago I felt a strong calling to come here in the first place-so that I can remember to stay in purpose, be true to myself, and appreciate tradition and not apologize for living life. Coming here I was lost, heavy and empty but I leave with life in a different perspective.
All of this in one month of being at Ici Idioma Brasil. This is my last day but only my first trip.
This has become my love and I promise to stay faithful. Thank you within the depths of my heart for helping me find myself and showing me to be safe…to be me.
Tchau tchau for now ? ?? ? ??
Tiffany “Baiana” and

Tiffany Skelton, Sergeant of the United States Army
July 15 th , 2017

“Instituto Cultural Idioma is a great place to study portuguese with friedly, patient and knowledgeable teachers, a beautiful building and a fantastic location right by the beach. I have improved so much in just 2 weeks. Thanks to all the staff at the schoolfor being super-flexible with my course and helpful with extra non-school related needs. All the best for the future.”

Elizabeth Porter
October 15 th , 2015

Do you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese? Do you wish to feel the culture of Brazil and its traditions in a magnificent place as Salvador? Do you expect to meet other people from all around the world? ICI is the perfect way to do it in a friendly and agreeable environment. The teachers are very nice and the school staff will always be at your disposal.
Muito obrigado ICI !

Olmo Simioni
July 20 th , 2012

ICI is a great language school for any foreigners willing to learn Portuguese. All the team is very friendly. The teachers are highly skilled and easily motivate you to learn. The study materials are up to date and interactive. The classes are very intense and you learn a lot about grammar, the phonetic and speaking so you will improve your Portuguese significantly in just days.
You will also BE able to learn a lot about Brazilian culture thanks to the teachers and activity organised by the school. The school is very central and the building very tidy, clean and cool. I wish I can come back soon.

Iréne Martins
January 15 th , 2008

Hi, my name is Berna and I had the pleasure to join ICI for 3 months. It is a great language school that offers a perfect learning environment. I enjoyed the teachers; they are very warm and outgoing as well as supportive persons.
The school´s leisure activities are great. I especially enjoyed the Brazilian Dance classes. I was able to meet people from all over the globe as well as study Portuguese to my desired level. Obrigada por tudo!

Berna Kip
May 17 th , 2007

Oi! Eu sou Teresa, eu tenho 23 anos e eu sou espanhola, da Andaluzia. Encontrei as escola  por acaso na internet, e eu estarei eternamente grata por muitas coisas: por tudo o que aprendi, por o tratamento dos professores, por os companheiros tão incríveis, para as aulas tão divertidas e por ter agora uma verdadeira família no Brasil. 
Obrigada Instituto Cultural Idioma!

Hola! Soy Teresa, tengo 23 anos y soy espanola, de Andalucia. Conoci la escuela de casualidad por Internet, y voy a estar siempre agradecida por muchas cosas: por todo lo que aprendi, por el trato de los profesores, por los companeros tan increibles, por las divertidas clases y por tener  una familia en Brasil.
Gracias Instituto Cultural Idioma!

Teresa Galan, estudante, 23 anos.
April 15 th , 2007

Na escola eu aprendi muito. Eu acho que está melhor agora do que antes. Agora eu acho que sei falar português, mas ainda é difícil ouvir e entender o que a pessoa diz. Para melhorar, eu tenho que memorizar mais o vocabulário e treinar como usar mais isso. Eu planejo trabalhar no Brasil por 4 anos. Terei tempo para aprender mais. Eu quero continuar a aprender português e quero tornar-me Brasileiro depois dos 4 anos.

Yoshi, japonês.
October 12 th , 2006