All accommodations are located in the Barra and Graça neighborhoods, near the school, no more than 25 minutes on foot. Towels and bed linens are provided and changed weekly. All accommodations offer Wi-Fi internet access. Access for laundry is not provided by hosts; however, there are reasonably priced laundry services close to the school. All accommodations are inspected by an employee of the school.

The accommodations are single rooms, with a twin bed, fan, and an area to store clothing. The hosts will provide a table or desk, either in the student’s room or in the living room, where the student can study. Double rooms or rooms with private bathrooms are subject to availability.

Host families

This is a good option for those who want to have contact with Brazilian families, and participate in social activities with family members. This option provides the student with their own room, and they will have their own key to the house, free to come and go as they please. A continental breakfast is included.

Living with a Brazilian family is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about our way of life and culture. The best way to learn the Portuguese language is total immersion.

Sharing an apartment with Brazilians

Sharing an apartment with Brazilians or with students from the school is the best option for those that prefer to have more independence. As with the host families, a private room is offered with the same amenities, as well as the keys to the apartment. Meals are not included, but students can use the kitchen to prepare their own meals.

The Brazilians with rooms available to rent are of all ages. In general, they live alone and they are happy to have the opportunity to meet people from other countries, or to practice another language.

Guest houses, hotels, individual apartments or hostels

If the student prefers more privacy, we can provide the names of some hotels, guest houses, or furnished apartments for rent that are close to the school.

Transportation to and from the Airport

One of our friendly partners can be there to pick you up from the airport when you arrive, and take you to your accommodation. We recommend this service so that, should any unexpected changes arise, or should your flight arrival time or date change; our team will be able to help you get to your accommodation.