To Whom This May Concern:

I want to take this opportunity (a bit delayed, as I have been traveling) to thank ICI for a most rewarding learning experience while in Salvador, Bahia. I found all of the staff at your institute to be most professional, welcoming, patient, and ready to provide guidance and help when needed.

Since I made my first contact via email, and up to when taken to the airport, I felt I was with friends and this made my staying and learning more enjoyable. I hold special appreciation for its director Maria Lessa Midlej for its warm welcoming and great character, to my instructor, Profesora Sonia, always punctual and ready to engage in class activities, and in poignant conversations. I am also grateful to the two wonderful front assistants, Maiara and Julia. They were always in the best disposition to help with a smile. They took the time to show me around the neighborhood, to help me settle accordingly, and in answering many of the questions I had while in Salvador.

However, I really want to show mi upmost gratitude and appreciation to the one person I contacted informally when I first requested information from ICI’s site via email, the same person who was more than a fine representative of ICI throughout my stay. Mr. Arthur Adacto was always at the best disposition to resolve any problem or unexpected situation. When I showed concern about the host family I had, Arthur immediately offered what turned out to be a better housing alternative. He would inform me of cultural events taking place in Salvador on weekends, or would check on me frequently to be sure all was going well. On more than one occasion, Arthur took time to explain and indicate to others and me aspects about Brazilian culture you do not often learn about in texts or tourism resources. I want to recognize Arthur’s fine gesture to me as it was well above expectations.

It is for all these reasons that I thank all of you (including profesoras Suraia and Ana) for a most delightful experience while in Salvador.

Most sincerely,

Eduardo Santa Cruz

p.s. I would have written in Portuguese (my apologies) but I am in a rush, besides I have no access to all the Portuguese punctuation and I do not want to receive a low grade or, worst, that you rescind my Certificado –ha, ha, ha!

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